Last year was a good year we had 51 coaches for SKILLS program which engaged themselves in hard work amongst those coaches THREE of our coaches are accepted in Universities. Coach ThuthukaNgubane and S’thokozile are in (UNISA), coach Samkelisiwe Mthombeni (Cape Town) and coach Scelo Ntombela (UNIZULU) , Thuthuka Ngubane was a coach at Nkodibe high school with S’thokozile, They were active in all things I remember when Charlize Theron visited their site Thuthuka was one of the coaches who volunteered to translate for Charlize and he didpractice 3 (Find the ball – HAMBA BHOLA). They have lots of LIFE SKILLS we will miss their dedication and their bravery.

Samkelisiwe Mthombeni was a coach at Inkosana high school. Samke was incredible she came up with lot of energizers and also she has lot of LIFE SKILLS. She had her project while she was with us of distributing shoes to learners and she did it well. Samke will be missed as a caring coach.

Scelo Ntombela was a coach at Mbongeni high school. He was a fun person to talk with. In camps he would gather participants and start singing with them a ZUPE! SONG to welcome each and every one who was there in our camp.


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