Soccer Legend Lucas Radebe Visit Featured in Isolezwe and Sowetan newspapers


The visit of South Africa soccer legend Lucas Radebe to Silethukukhanya High School and the Mpilonhle program on 15 September was highlighted in Isolezwe, which is the only Zulu language daily newspaper covering all of  KwaZulu-Natal, and in the Sowetan,  a national … [Read more...]

Mpilonhle Sex Education Efforts Highlighted in The Sowetan

The Sowetan (one of South Africa’s largest papers) of Sept 17th 2009 highlighted the sex education and HIV prevention efforts of Mpilonhle. Then noted that efforts to reduce HIV are also consistent with reducing rates of teenage pregnancy. View the full article in … [Read more...]

The collaboration between Professor Kathleen Braden of the Eunice Kennedy Shriver University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and Mpilonhle was highlighted in the recent issue of the Shriver Center … [Read more...]

Mpilonhle Executive Director Michael Bennish quoted on UNESCO Sex Education Guidelines


Mpilonhle Executive Director Dr. Michael Bennish was quoted in a number of news articles regarding recent draft UNESCO guidelines for sex education in schools.  The guidelines have come under criticism from conservative groups and media in the United States.  Dr. … [Read more...]

Opportunity through Sport


An American national women's soccer star and an entrepreneur have joined forces with Charlize Theron's Africa Outreach project in the Umkhanyakude District to spread the joy of playing soccer to disadvantaged children while encouraging them to archieve at … [Read more...]

Charlize Theron & LAFC Chelsea’s South African Soccer Fields

The Academy Award winner's Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project is teaming up with LAFC Chelsea Soccer Club in Los Angeles to build community soccer programs for underprivileged children in South Africa. In addition to soccer fields, uniforms and equipment, kids … [Read more...]

The Launch of Silethukukhanya football field


Mpilonhle is involved in a number of outreach programmes that involve the communities receiving our services at Umkhanyakude district and in the KZN Province. One of the outreach initiatives is for schools that are getting Mpilonhle services to have football fields or … [Read more...]

Mpilonhle Featured on SAFM Otherwise Program

Mpilonhle Executive Director Michael Bennish, Mpilonhle Health Education Coordinator Gugulethu Zulu, and Mpilonhle Nursing Coordinator Thuli Biyela (staff pictured below and Thuli pictured to the left) were guests of host Nancy Richards on the SAFM radio Program … [Read more...]

Mpilonhle Featured in Inveneo Newsletter in November

Mpilonhle has partnered with the non-profit computer manufacturerInveneo to bring low-cost computing capacity to the schools served by Mpilonhle.  Inveneo is dedicated to bringing low-cost and context appropriate computing capacity to rural areas in developing … [Read more...]

Mpilonhle Featured on Media Club South Africa

Mpilonhle was featured in a December 17th posting of Media Club South Africa, a web site dedicated to bringing South African accomplishments to the attention of the world media.  The article, which can be found on theMedia Club website, highlights Mpilonhle’s … [Read more...]