Smiles Worth a Lifetime

Whenever I travel anywhere, I try to picture myself at my destination...I try to picture myself meeting new people...and most importantly, I picture myself smiling. It’s a simple smile, nothing but a symbol of enjoyment. Then I completely strike those thoughts from my … [Read more...]

TOMorrow’S Shoes

In her visit to Mtubatuba and Mpilonhle, Tracy was taken out into the field to see our work. Her first stop was Silethukukhanya. After a short tour of the Mpilonhle mobile units and the Grassroots groups, Tracy was formally greeted by Silethukukhanya’s choir and a … [Read more...]

I support Woman’s month


All women’s are still celebrating woman’s month perhaps I would like to know where did you go or how did you celebrate your day on Tuesday the 9th of Aug 2011, it only takes a strong woman to decide, act and lead the fact is someone with a good courage, strong … [Read more...]

Handover of Sports Facilities


On Thursday 4 August Mpilonhle and the team – Armstrong Construction and East Coast Architects – it is working with handed over facilities at two of the four football (soccer) fields that Mpilonhle is helping to build in the Umkhanyakude community. These facilities, … [Read more...]

Visit From TOMS Shoes


Tracy Louis-Marie, head of the Africa Donation Program for TOMS Shoes ( visited Mpilonhle on 8-10 August. Mpilonhle has partnered with TOMS Shoes for the last two years, to date providing 40,000 pairs of shoes donated by TOMS to youth in the Umkhanyakude … [Read more...]

Tom’s Shoes Visit – August 2011


[Read more...]

How much courage do you have?

How much courage do you have? Would your friends, co-workers and family members call you a courageous person? “The wicked man flees though no one pursues, but the righteous are as bold as a lion.” The dictionary defines courage this way: the ability to face and … [Read more...]