In life make history

16th Saturday Jul 2011 was my birthday, didn’t plan to have a normal birthday celebration but planned to treat this one as a very important, special birthday I ever had in my life.  It really takes me some time just to reason about my life, looking back where I come … [Read more...]

Mpilonhle Highlighted in the June Issue of O Magazine


Oprah’s Angel Network provided funding to initiate the Mpilonhle project, and supported construction of the first Mpilonhle mobile unit. The article in O Magazine highlights the accomplishments of Mpilonhle since it first began providing services in October 2007, and … [Read more...]

One vision, one mission “service delivery”


Three mobile unit teams sharing one vision, one  mission and one aim service delivery “Mpilonhle’s mission to improve the health and social development of persons in the Umkhanyakude District”. We are committed to our work. Thanks to Tom shoes for continuing … [Read more...]

NGO’s can play a good role if they work hand in hand with Government Structures

In most cases men are known as good people to hold back special in health related issues, they are afraid to come forward but their positive response to circumcision call proved that they can do anything as long as they got clear understanding of what they supposed to … [Read more...]


To tell the truth.I have spent good years in schools working at Mpilonhle as a health counselor, I’ve seen so many children receiving our services which are very helpful to them. So I would like to personally thank the organization itself for taking a stand by trying … [Read more...]

Circumcision at Sipho Zungu clinic was successful

It was interesting to see many boys at the Clinic today, they were coming from the different places ,showing their enthusiastic for what they were doing today. Mpilonhle was working hand in hand with Department of Health. Mpilonhle was doing Voluntary Counselling and … [Read more...]