Charlize Theron Visit to Mpilonhle


Academy Award winning actress and United Nations Messenger of Peace, Ms. Charlize Theron, visited Mpilonhle on the 24th and 25th of March.  Ms. Ashlee Irish, who is the head of philanthropic activities for Ms. Theron, accompanied her. Ms. Theron, who through her … [Read more...]

New Challenges for South Africa

It was a sad day for all African as hundreds are still in tears after a shocking misconduct by Ivorain fans when they forced to enter a 30 000 capacity stadium in Ivory Coast on Sunday afternoon ,the stand was expected to have only 30 000 fans according to the tickets … [Read more...]

Charlize Theron Making Her Second Visit in 2009


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Charlize Theron : Hollywood comes to Mpilonhle

What a day it was. The best day I have had this year. It all started on Tuesday afternoon when we got confirmation that she had indeed arrived. The next stop was straight to the nearest hair salon for most of the Mpilonhle staff. Hairstylists in Mtuba must have made a … [Read more...]

Be optimistic as much as you can

It's been a long time since I ventilated and shared my deepest and strongest opinions on this page.Anyway,there's a lot to be put down but so far 2009 has been good to me and I have so much planned for this year.Priority, being the best in everything I do.Striving to … [Read more...]

OneSight Visit

On Saturday, 21 Februrary, we had a visit from the nonprofit OneSight. Mpilonhle receives funding from Oprah’s Angel Network and they collaborate with OneSight, hence our matchmaking. The purpose of the OneSight visit was to look into a probable return trip to provide … [Read more...]

Magengebula : A new community

This week we were meant to go to Nkosibonga but due to the floods we were unable to. As a result we have now switched to a community. It is the first time we have visited this community of Hluhluwe. The site is at a primary school. The learners were so excited to see a … [Read more...]

Makhowe Aids Awareness Day

Mpilonhle was invited to Makhowe community outside Hluhluwe by the Makhowe Community Forum to join forces with other stakeholders in making the event a success. The event was hosted at Cwakeme High School under the leadership of Mr W T Ntuli.    The stakeholders'  … [Read more...]